Body wisdom and tools for a new era 



Would you like to bring more life force, love, joy and freedom in your life?

Would you like to learn more about body wisdom & practices and how to bring them together in powerful, integrative ways?

Would you like to transform lives and earn a living from doing so, through virtual methods?

Would you like to do it in a community of people, who support and inspire you? 


New Foundational Program: Unite, Learn & Grow with Six Leading Teachers


No one approach to healing is 'the solution'. Real transformation happens in the bringing together of different approaches. That is when the magic happens; and this is what we teach.



“Amazing teachers - everything comes from your heart. The best and most complete therapy on this planet.”


Iris Hendricks
Certified Breathwork Practitioner


What's unique about this program?

Giten Tonkov

Conscious Connected Breathing

Satyarthi Peloquin

Bodywork & Movement

Nisarga Dobosz

Massage & Bodywork Expert

Dr Nirdosh Kohra

Eastern-Western Medicine

Abigail Iquo Isuo

Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Andrew K. Brown

Conscious Business & Marketing

Our teachers have over 100 years experience combined in mind and body-related tools and practices:

61 Countries

1,650 Programs Led

17,500 Practitioners Accredited


Unite, learn and grow with a diverse group of talented teachers


Each teacher brings their unique, expertise from culturally diverse backgrounds and modalities, that together form a powerful approach to integration and transformation. Together, our teachers have over 100 years of expertise combined, training 17,500 practitioners in 61 countries. This is an invitation to unite, learn and grow together.


Discover the true power of integration for a new era in transformation


No one modality is a panacea. Real transformation happens in the bringing together of different approaches, tailored to your, or your clients, specific circumstances at each stage of the journey. That is when the magic happens; and this is what we teach. 

The program pioneers the integration of mind (counselling) with body-based practices (bodywork, movement, and conscious connected breathing) to unlock new possibilities for growth and transformation. 


Step courageously into your higher purpose and explore what it means to be "world class" as a practitioner


Whether you are curious about becoming a practitioner, or have years of experience, the foundations program equips you with the foundations to becoming world-class, integral practitioner, so that you can attract opportunities and clients wherever you go. 


And serve anywhere in the world, through 100% virtual methods


The methods we teach are 100% virtual and enable you to start helping people, or continue to serve existing clients in new ways, wherever you are in the world.  

Who this Foundational Program is for 


◉ People seeking powerful, alternative approaches to transformation, having had limited success with conventional approaches


◉ People who want to make a real difference in the world, but feel stuck or unsure of a path forward 


◉ People who are curious about becoming a practitioner


◉ Newly qualified practitioners who want to strengthen their direct experience.


◉ Seasoned practitioners who want to add skills and expertise to what they offer clients

  • Psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and coaches who want to deepen knowledge and practice of body-based approaches

  • Spiritual teachers and authors

  • Yoga, meditation and mindfulness teachers

  • Reiki practitioners and energy workers

  • Breathworkers

  • Shamanic practitioners

  • Massage therapists and bodyworkers



"These teachers and modalities have awakened the desire within me to serve - to help in the healing of others and to be in service to the awakening of mankind.”

Nooraya Sophia Wales
Certified Breathwork Practitioner


“It is the most effective approach to emotional release I’ve ever experienced. It changes people lives and brings you closer to yourself. It has freed my capacity to love myself and the people around me again”

Jan Mouton
Embodied Transformation Coach


"As a Yin yoga teacher, Myofascial Release therapist and mindfulness practitioner my focus is to release imprints of trauma stored in my clients body. These modalities offer very good tools to access it faster."

Beta Lisboa 
Founder, Dynamic Spiral & Yin Fascial Yoga

What You Will Receive...

#1: TEN units of high quality, never-seen-before video modules from leading teachers

Each module contains new insights and practices for the decade ahead. You will first gain a theoretical grounding, then move onto practical and experiential modules, before bringing it all together. 

#2: LIVE, bi-weekly group coaching calls with teachers

Join Giten, Nisarga or Satyarthi for a 90 minute live session of case studies and to dive deep into key questions you and the community holds with respect to the program. 

#3: Unparalleled access to teachers via our private, online community

Gain unparalleled access to our teachers for the first time, via our Facebook Private Community Group. Ask our teachers any question, anytime.

#4:  Members Online Portal with Downloadable Access to All Trainings & Recordings


#5:  Foundational Certificate from the Integral Body Institute 

Upon completion of all units along with the required theoretical and practical assignments, you will gain an accreditation from the IBI & BBTRI as a foundational, integral practitioner, and gain access to participation in the full practitioner program launching later in 2021.  

Plus...Receive These Special Bonuses



Special Unit 

How to talk about "the work" and attract clients and partners aligned to your purpose

(40 minute video & PDF)

In this introduction, learn about the three different practices you can build that will help you attract new clients and express your talents in the world.  



$250 Enrollment Credit

towards IBI’s full practitioner program (launching later in 2021)


Receive $250 credit towards the Integral Body Institute’s full practitioner program. This brand new program is launching in Autumn 2021 and is designed to equip you with the skills and expertise to become an accomplished, integrative practitioner across 4 areas: living purpose, expertise in mixed modalities, presence and holding the room, and business & marketing mastery.  

Confirm Your Space on the Foundational Program Now

(Pre-Sales Special Limited to First 50 Enrollments)


Pre-sales special: From Sunday, 21st February  (Limited to First 50)

Program Access: Spring Equinox (Saturday, 20th March, 2021)  


Foundational Program - Launching March 2021


Regular Price One Off Fee

  • TEN units of high quality, never-seen-before video modules from 6 leading teachers  
  •  LIVE, bi-weekly group coaching calls  (3 months, then option to extend)
  • Access to teachers and expertise via our private, online community (3 months, then option to extend)
  • Members Online Portal with Downloadable Access to All Trainings
  • Foundational Certificate from the Integral Body Institute 
  • Special bonuses:
  • Bonus #1:  Special Unit: How to talk about "the work" and attract the right clients and partners

  • Bonus #2:  $250 enrollment credit towards the IBI’s full practitioner program (launching Autumn 2021) 


Our Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with the membership for any reason, you may request a refund within 14 days of either the commencement of the program (if you purchased an early bird offer) or within 14 days of purchase (after the launch) and receive a full refund. 

Full Program Details

Unit 1 : Introduction to the foundational program

Unit 2 : Introduction Understanding and applying the theory and language of the body



Unit 3 : Foundation of trauma terms

Unit 4 :  Psychosomatic reasons for disease and chronic pain and how to treat them in integrative ways

Unit 5 : Foundations of conscious touch and bodywork 

Unit 6 : Foundations of conscious movement

Unit 7 : Foundations of conscious, connected breathing

Unit 8: An introduction to developmental needs and survival patterns through the perspective of the energetic relationship between the mind and body

Unit 9: Bringing together bodywork, movement and breathing to create powerful, integrated approaches to transformation

Unit 10: Letting go of fear and self doubt and building confidence as a practitioner 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About Your Teachers


Giten Tonkov

Co-Founder, IBI
Founder, Biodynamic Breathwork

Giten is the Director of BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release Institute, a worldwide learning entity, and co-creator of Energy Of Breath Institute in New York City. 

Giten has been on a journey of self-discovery since the early 1990s. Born in Ukraine and lived in New York for 24 years, Giten is a licensed Massage Therapist (Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy in NYC) since 1994, and certified Breath & Body Oriented Therapist (Diamond Breath School at Miasto Meditation Institute, Italy) since 2001.

Giten has been trained as well in a variety of meditative and healing modalities at Multiversity in OSHO Meditation Resort, Pune, India, where he later became a staff therapist.

Nisarga Dobosz

Co-Founder, IBI
BCST (Biodynamic Cranio Sacral Therapist)

Nisarga Eryk Dobosz is bodywork therapist and trainer, specialising also in the Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System®, Myofascial Energetic Release bodywork and Lomi Lomi Nui massage. In 2013, Nisarga co-founded and became the director of the Integral Body Institute in Poland, offering workshops and trainings in these modalities. Shares his teaching through the Body Awareness Institute which he founded in Estonia and he also offers bodywork and breathwork trainings in Bali and Turkey.

His passion for people shines through everything he does – giving individual sessions or working with groups of trainees – Nisarga finds great joy and fulfilment being of service by supporting others on their journeys of healing and self-development. He feels incredibly grateful and privileged to have treated and trained thousands of people over the years and admires his clients and students for their great courage, strength and willingness to work on themselves.

Satyarthi Peloquin

Co-Founder, IBI
Founder, Myofascial Energetic Release (MER)

Satyarthi is known for his sense of humor and his sensitivity in teaching trainings and leading groups.

Born in San Francisco, Satyarthi initially trained as a professional dancer. Since 1971, he has acquired a wide range of skills and has extensive experience in developing and leading bodywork trainings and personal development groups.

He became a disciple of Osho, the enlightened Indian mystic.

Living in Osho's Commune for many years, he was given direct guidance from Osho on how to work with people, and was one of Osho's personal body workers.


Dr. Nirdosh Kohra


After he graduated as a Medical Doctor, he took off on a life journey around the world to find a way to bridge Western and Eastern Medicine. He experienced and was trained in many Healing and transforming methods in India, Tibet, Europe, USA, and Mexico that led him to be a co-founder of Path of Meditation (2006), the Conscious Nutrition Academy (2007) and to create the Bodhi Medicine Institute in 2015.

He offers a uniquely holistic approach to healing, that looks for the root cause of any symptom or disease including emotional, mental, physical, toxicological, or energetical situations, and works together with the patient to restore balance again, using various methods like TBM (Neurosomatic Rebalancing), Conscious Medicine, Transomatic Dialogue, Reiki, Theta Healing, Conscious Nutrition, Detoxing, Meditation, and ancient body-mind healing methods, integrating the western and eastern approach to healing. 

Today he offers Bodhi Medicine trainings, Awareness Intensive and Primal retreats, Active Meditation workshops, Men´s gatherings, Osho meditative therapies, Osho No Mind Trainings around the world and runs a private holistic Medical practice in Mexico, Greece, Brazil, and other places of Europe.

Abigail Iquo Isuo


Abigail Iquo Isuo is an Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapist with more than 20yrs experience.

She works in private practice in London, Europe, UAE and Brazil (in non-covid times).

Abigail is passionate about transformation, evolution and human potential. She leads retreats and workshops in family constellations, breath work, body work, women's work.

She is an NLP practitioner, EMDR therapist and she is a facilitator and leader of the path of love global residential retreat. 

Abigail supervises therapists using an eclectic perspective influenced by many spiritual and philosophic schools of thought. Her love for transformation and growth has taken her all over the world working with trauma, disadvantaged and marginalised individuals.

Andrew K. Brown

Creator, Curiosity Labs

Andrew was influenced from an early age by Jungian psychology, and immersions in a diverse range of cultures and disciplines, that inspired a deep interest in human nature and culture.  

His curiosity has led him to studying Russian politics and research and writing a dissertation on organized crime in Russia, to a six month journey living in the jungle in Borneo to foster community relationships. 

Over the past 10 years, he has conducted over 50 learning journeys, including immersions in the Mare favela in Rio to understand social entrepreneurs, to understanding how people live in slums outside Delhi for the Tata Group.

A researcher, entrepreneur and mentor, he is founder of Curiosity Labs since 2012, helping several initiatives launch successful products, inc. Netflix, Square Payments, and Madonna, and has mentored over 200 entrepreneurs whilst living in San Francisco and Boulder, CO. 

He is the creator of The Curious Entrepreneur program that helps practitioners express their talents more widely, a journey that began in Nicaragua in 2017 after a chance meeting with Giten and a profound, first breathwork session.